Lock On Gold released today. Will I be disappointed?

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Lock On Gold is released today.

I was thinking about picking it up this week. I have not heard many good things about the first version of Lock On.

I have been playing MS Flight Sim 2004 for the past couple of weeks. I am running a fast system with high detail and fast frame rates. I have been loving every minute of MS FS 2004.

If I buy this new Lock On Gold, will I be dissapointed with it in comparison to MS FS 2004? I am hoping it will be just like FS2004 but with weapons. Is this possible or should I pass and buy something else?

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Ones a flight simulator the other a combat game.
Two different animals.
I can't see how they can be compared. See if they have a demo of LO Gold or wait a few weeks and read the web-boards about the new game since the old one didn't please users.



You Kiddin! The only other sim that'll touch it's ascetically pleasing output is the new MS X that's coming out at the end of the year.

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This thread is older then dirt Censored by Radar.


i would get it NOW if i were u BEST GAME EVER

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For the love of god stop bumping this old thread.

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