A340 autopilot trouble

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Have a problem with A340-500 "lisbon sun".
When i set the autopilot it will only keep the wings level and not give me control to navigate...Can i just set it so that the autopilot will hold speed and altitude and let me go left and right during flight?
I tried to turn off wing level hold button but it just goes back on..
Pls help i'm a newbie...Ty

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Some airplanes you can turn the wing leveler off and some you can't. You may not be able to on the one you have. Try turning your heading hold knob to the heading of your course and adjust it when ever you pass a waypoint. Why won't it hold your navigation course for you?

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ok..thank you
It does hold heading,i just didn't know why some planes let me turn and some don't.

Is there any way to change that??
I have some that let me do turns,can i add some sort of file to the folders of the ones that don't turn?

Thanks again..

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