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Can anyone please offer help on a problem I am experiencing with FS2002 Professional Edition. I am using Windows XP and my system is fully compatible with FS2002, but some sound files are not playing. The sound files on all the Cessnas (172, 182, 182RG, 208 and 208B) and the Beechcraft Baron are playing fine, but on all other aircraft the soundfiles are failing to play. The tyre noise and the crash noises work ok on these aircraft but there is no sound for engines, flaps, gear etc. Also there is no ATC. Can anyone please help... I have looked around on the forum at various posts about sound problems with FS2002 And have tried the Microsoft troubleshooting tips and downloading various codecs but nothing works. Aaagh! All help will be greatly appreciated.

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Check these out and see if they are of any help.
Let us know how you do.;en-us;812394;en-us;177252


P_Smith Guest

Thanks radar_man, I appreciate youre help a lot! Unfortunately I have tried most of those options to no avail, but I haven't tried a couple of them, so I'll try them tomorrow afternoon since that's when I'll have time next.
Thanks for the help though! Do you have any other suggestions in case these don't work?

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Outside of reinstalling, check the sound settings in the sim itself, there are sliders for sounds adjustment.
Check your speaker connections.
Check the drivers/start/ run/type "dxdiag" into run.


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