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Hi! All happy holidays. I just recently received and installed edimesional's Voice Buddy co-pilot and TrackIR2 What a great enhancement. The TrackIR2 Is really something. The only problem is VoiceBUddy seems to get a little choppy at times along with some frame jumping. Going to try to reduce some of my video settings a little to see if that helps. If anyone has the same problem and solves it please let me know. Idea Idea

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Nanbudo2004 Guest

I was just about to bu Voice Buddy incl. headphone. However i have these last days read that some people advise us not to buy because we dont get want they say it does. Your message may indicate that aswell.

Did you get any advise and wat would you advise me.

Is there any other voice command programs out there worth trying.


email: robhegg@frisurf.no

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I just installed Voice Buddy and IR Tracker. Both work flawlessly once you tweek the IR Tracker and use it enough to get the hang of it.

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