Tu-144, Russian supersonic transport

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I like the old bombproof russian planes. I found a TU-144 and downloaded it. It is pretty good.
Features- Complete soundset and a VC cabin, (Only a 2d cockpit) sonic boom, contrails that are very realistic, engine smoke, very detailed dropping visor and canards, (The raising and lowering visor is visible from the 2d cockpit), A cockpit fan that you can turn on and off, realistic afterburners, TCAS/GPWS, radar, windshield wiper, and some other things. It flies good and is very detailed.

It is like an old russian plane,, I should say Soviet plane. Some things on it do not work. For example, I had to replace the VOR indicator so that the LOC/GS would work.

Type TU-144 in the search on flightsim.com 😛

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