Just got back from Barrow in the TU-114

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Flew 144 GI's from Barrow Alaska back to Fairbanks in the TU-114, So, I have posted some screenshots.

Reckon they'l be up soon.

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I've been to Barrow in real life, besides flying around there a lot in FS2004. It was below freezing on the the 4th of July, and of course the sun never set. There were guys hunting seals from small boats, right off the beach in the middle of town, and whale carcasses on the beach outside the "city limits." They butcher the whales out there to avoid attracting polar bears into town. . . 😳 Only place I've ever been where you could buy harpoons in the local hardware store.

At least you don't need to worry about crashing into the trees. . .


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been onboard the 144 some years back must say its agricultural engineering at its best having worked on concorde from concept to its demise its the greatest :list][/list]

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Ed!!! You have been there!?!?! What an experience!!! When I was there yesterday, (via internet weather update) It was 30 degrees. No polar bears though. It would be nice if in FS10 there would be animals and humans.

Mitch! You have been on the Tu-144!!! That is a beast. I just watched on TV 'wings of the red star' an episode on the development of the 144.

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iwas in barrow a few years ago too. it's quite a place to visit. nice little mexican restaurant called Pepe's North of the Border. all the utilities are in heated underground channels. it was july 26 when i was there and it snowed. there's a pretty good strip there now and a 737 comes in almost every day. when post and rogers went there i imagine it was pretty rough. the ground never thaws and water stands in huge shallow puddles that cover the whole area. you can easily see the polar ice from the shore. out on point barrow it is the beafort sea on one side and i think the chukchi sea on the other. they tell you not to stray far from the bus as the polar bears can appear in a moments notice.

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Yeah, we ate at Pepe's, too!! Not the best Mexican food I ever had, but definitely the best (only) Mexican food in Barrow!!

There are no polar bears in town because there is a fence around the entire town, but yes, you would want to be careful outside of town. There's a big sign where all the tourists go, out near Point Barrow, warning about the bears. Everybody has to have their picture taken in front of it.

Nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there. . .


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Been offline for a few days.

Ed!!!! Thats great!! My Dad was based in alaska for a while. He said that the moskitoes there set off the collision alrms on aircraft TCAS HA! HA!

I am such a Moron!! (Don't anyone say nuthin!!!) I said TU-144. I meant TU-114. The 4 engine bear civillian model.

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