Virtual Airlines for Flying Off-line?

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Does anyone know whether there are any VA's where you can do your flying off-line ?

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Sam Intel Guest

I always do my flying off line. I have never done it on line. I am part of 2 VA's.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Hello GPS-Kid. I fly for and you always fly off-line. There isn't an option or something to fly on-line.
Note: the website I gave you is Cathay Pacific VA, which is part of the CPAVirtual. If you go to Operations Center on the left side of the screen, and click on Flight Desk, and finally click on Affiliates, you will get a list of all the Virtual Airlines available in CPAVirtual. You will get another list of more airliners that you can use. Air Canada is not in there, but there are a lot more. What about British Airways? Virgin Atlantic? Those are British airlines that you can fly. Of course you can fly more than that!

To sign up, you just need to pass an Entrance Exam. You need to get up to 70% to pass, which I'm sure you will pass it if you try. Once you are signed up, you can use your ID and password in other VA of CPAVirtual to fly other airlines. You don't need to sign up again. Just use your ID and password and that's it! Easy, right?

What else....? Ah, yes. You can check the Learning Center on each VA to learn something different. You can download scenary and fleet for free! Every VA has their own fleet.

Well, if you have any more questions, just ask me and I will help you.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

UVA encourages flying online, but i've flown about 60 of my 62 hours offline. I'm starting to get used to the feel of real ATC, so I might brave that world a bit more, but until then I'm just solely offline. (Howeve,r unless you want to spend A LOT of time in America, you probably shouldn't join up with UVA =).

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