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The instuctions for using autoland in fs9 say turn of a/p at about 500ft and flying the rest of the approach your self (I never do I dont see the point) do you have to do this in real life?If not is there some sort of d/load I can get so the a/p will fly the app,flare and land itself

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Youve been lucky 😳
In real life pilots will disconnect the A/P a couple of miles out and fly the aircraft in.Autoland has been about for years(I think the Trident aircraft was the 1st pax to have it,but I dont think it was passed by the authorities,and that may still be the case now)

For a full autoland try searching Avsim for Greg737 in panels

This panel has a full autoland feature which will control everything

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jelami First Officer

When ever I auto land, I auto land just short of the fence. Anyway, I figure if your going to rely on autoland, you should buy a ticket and just ride in back.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I like doing manual landings its a lot more fun then letting a/p do all the flying I like to test my skills.

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