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I have just taken the plunge and splashed out on Ultimate Traffic. I love it however it has presented me with a few problems!

1) Firstly, please confirm that my graphics card is as poor as I think it is! (it is a Nvidia GeForce MX/MX400). It came bundled with my PC a couple of years ago, I have never thought of changing it until recently as FS9 is the only game I play on my PC. I think this card is really outdated, but I know next to nothing about GFX cards.

2) One thing I do know is that a lot of people have reccomended the ATI RAdeon 9800 Pro. Is this card worth my purchase, will it give me good performance? My frame rate with mediumish scenery settings and high traffic was averaging 19fps but now with UT installed it is down to 3 or 4 fps near busy airports! How much of an improvement would the 9800 pro give me. (AMD 1900, 1gb RAM)

3) I have noticed since installing UT that scenery and textures now look jaggedy and blocky, even if I max them. Is this normal? Will a better gfx card actually improve the appearnce of scenery and aircraft?

4) On a slightly different subject, how come scenary such as fields looks so much more realistic from a birds eye view ( ie pressing 5 on the Num pad) than it does from the side of the cockpit (ie pressing 7 or 9 on the num pad)?

5) is it possible on UT to adjust the timetables of individuals airlines (ie in theory could i make BA fly to an airport it normally wouldnt fly to)?

Id be really grateful for any help guys!


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1- yes, it is a 64 mb (although some say 32) card and you looking for a 128 mb or better.

2-I have that card and with your system (which is better than mine) I would guess 10--12 FPS with traffic at 100% and scenery-autogen maxed out. Set all three lower and you'll get better FPS.

3-Jaggies come from poor Anti Aliasing settings, try changing your in the cards control panel. Play around with them and see what works for you.

4- Don't know off hand, I'd have to do it to see.

5-I doubt it, then you would have to change all other aircraft going to that field at the same time.
That's just a guess from someone who has never though about doing it.
The schedule is a foot long, and then some.


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I know this is probably a stupid question and will show my true ineptness in the world of computers, but Radarman, how do you access your video card settings and adjust the anti-aliasing. My card is the NVidia 5200. 😕

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Right click on your desktop.
Click on properties.
Click on the settings tab.
Click on advanced.
Click on 3D. (ATI)
ATI-Click on custom and set the sliders.
For the rest you'll have to "wing it" because I've never had NVIDIA.
I have mine AA-4 AF-16.
***Don't have AA checked in the settings area of the sim

After changes don't forget to click on "Apply" on the bottom to lock your changes.

TTT has NVIDIA and can tell you more.


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Thanks Radarman. I'll check with TTT on the proper settings for my NVidia card.

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Thanks for your help Radarman, i have been weighing up buying a 9800pro for a while. Is this the one i should be looking at?


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That's made by a "partner" a company that gets a license from ATI to build the card under their name.
I know that many like "partner" cards but since I am spending that much I'll only take from ATI.
I can be wrong but this is my choice. Umm...


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