Help with Aircraft Prop Animation Please!!!!

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Can anyone direct me here that has information on "how to" modify aircraft animations. Basically I have a B17 that the prop movement is rather "static". I.E. there is no smooth startup or shutdown or inflight prop motion/movement like it is in the King Air 350 (standard in MS aircraft folder).

Any ideas where I can begin? Is this hard to do?? I didnt know if its something in the aircraft.cfg file that I need to modify or am I looking in the wrong place?

Hope you can help out a fellow sim pilot 😎
Thanks guys!

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Be sure that it is a 2004 aircraft, that is a symptom of a 2002 or CFS aircraft used in 2004.
Also check the read-me, sometimes they say that the props won't work properly.

Here are the software tools that MS puts out for the designers, they should be of some help.

My guess is that you would just have to change a number, up or down in the CFG, but what the heck do I know. Blink

You could contact the designer and ask what to do.


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Thanks Again RadarMan!
I was wondering if it was something in the config file too but who the heck knows. Sometimes the author of the plane doesnt give his email address as in this case. So I came to the experts! 👏
Thanks and I will see what I can find out and let you know! 🙄

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Try this in the aircraft.cfg file (wordpad).

Look for the following line usually under the [fltsim.xx] entry:


then play around with the numeric value.

You can also fool around within the same aircraft.cfg file with the dynamics under [propellor] section:

eg. it may help if switch on deathering accumulators by turning the 0 to 1 as in:

defeathering_accumulators_available=1 (changed from "0")

also you could try switching on reverser by switching on prop_reverser_available = 1

If you have an older version (FS2000 or earlier) you may not have the following entries in the aircraft.cfg file. So try copying these lines either as a new section or under the [propellor] entry
thrust_scalar=1.0 // Propeller thrust scalar
propeller_type=2 // was 0
propeller_diameter=12.000 // was 5.433000
propeller_moi=20.50000 // was 3.350000
beta_min=4.000000 // was 17.000000
min_gov_rpm=60.000000 // was 700.000000
prop_tc=0.4 // was 0.004000
gear_reduction_ratio=1.10 // was 1.0
defeathering_accumulators_available=0 // was 1
prop_reverse_available=1 // was 0
minimum_on_ground_beta=2.0 // was 0

Then can alter any variable and test this in FS9.

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Another tip is sometimes it's as small as there just being a missing texture file. When I downloaded new repaints for my mooney bravo to make it look more vintage, they left out one of the propeller animations from the texture package. As a result I got a similar problem to what you were referring to. This was remedied by copying the texture file that looked somewhat like a grey disk from the old textures into the new.

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Hey thanks guys!
Sorry I havent been back to let you know how I made out. I have been sick. But I will try each of your options and let you know how I make out and what option did in fact work. Thanks again! 🙂

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