Flight Simulator 2004 multiplayer on a 10/100 network

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I work at the New England Air Museum and we currently run FS 2004 on two computers (Dell 4500 Win XP) unnetworked. We plan to run around 10-12 computers on a LAN with a dedicated server box running Flight Sim 2004 (all on the same Dell 4500 win XP) and a seperate Dell 2100 running FS Host and CH Server (so the server can run without anything else in the way). I was wondering if anyone else had done this with more or less computers (between 6-20) with the same setup (server -> admin + users). If so, is it possible to remote access it? Please if you have any information in regards to this please don't reply to this/ Please e-mail me @ or IM me on AIM @ xidiotboy555x. Thank you and it is greatly appreciated.

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