Flight Simulator 2004 is not running on Windows 10

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I installed Flight Simulator 2004 on my new laptop, running Windows 10. However the program does not open if CD4 is in the drive (or not), not even if I try "Open as administrator". I installed the "nocd" fix downloaded from Flyawaysimulations, but still no success.
Please help: what must I do to use Flight Simulator 2004 with Windows 10???

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There are two no-cd cracks.
You have to use the correct one.
One (9.0) for an unpatched 2004 and one (9.1) for the patched version.
If you patched it then used the wrong crack it won't work.

Is there a message of any kind, if so let us know exactly what it says.


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the nocd is in the folder fs91_nocd - the application name is fs9. This is disturbing, I don't know which one I am using.
when I want to run fs9 the error message comes:

couldn't load Language resource dll
Error code 0x7E (126)
Program is aborting

Where can I get the other nocd fix?

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