Looking for scenery for KMCO Orlando Int'l AP.

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I did a complete search of the Fly Away forums with the search tool and could find no post regarding KMCO scenery. I do see on the internet that there is a V2.0 and a V2.0 update that looks really good for Orlando, Florida but it's payware. Anybody here know of a good scenery file for the Orlando Int'l Airport (KMCO.) -???-

I guess it's always funny how some things are easy to find and others are not so easy. This suprises me in terms of KMCO as it is the third largest US airport in terms of absolute geographic size. Not only that but it is a busy airport with 1/3 of all the heavys coming in there being European carriers & lots of UK charter flights. The big overseas carrier there is Virgin Atlantic and the last time we were down (2002) I must have seen at least eight of their aircraft at the Int'l gates.

-I will continue to search for a file as one must be out there somwhere! 🙂

-George 😎

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Hi guys if you go on google Cloud 9 has payware for KMCO it looks great hope this helps.

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Firstofficer28 wrote:

Hi guys if you go on google Cloud 9 has payware for KMCO it looks great hope this helps.

For FSX. I have ocean flight's KMCO, which used to be simflyers.

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