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Hi Dave,
I was looking at your webpage, and I was wondering if you could tell me how you found the Lock Ness Monster? I have looked, but I can't find it in the sim.


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Hi Chris - I am afraid you wont find it - I cannot tell a lie - it is a Photoshop fake Embarassed
I may one day get round to inserting it as an addon scenery item and uploading for all to see!!!
Funny you should call it the Lock Ness Monster - as that is how most non-Scots (except Germans) pronounce 'Locccch'
Normally around about the beginning of the holiday season there is a reported sighting of 'The Beast' - the sighting is usually by one of the local hotel owners 😉
I had almost forgotten about that Web site - haven't updated it in ages.
I am feeling back to normal - what ever 'normal' is 😀 At least I waken up each morning and that's a bonus ❗

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