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ILS feather - No runway?

Pro Member First Officer
michlin First Officer

I am flying around the Hong Kong area today. I headed towards the Macau Intl airport (VMMC) and notice the GPS indicating an ILS feather over water just north and almost perpendicular to the airport. The map view shows nothing there. I assume it is an error in the sim. Has anyone seen similar? Confused

Guest Ed Guest


I just took a look at VMMC-- I see one runway (16-34) and one ILS feather. The ILS is on runway 34, so it is off to the southeast of the airport. Are you seeing more than that?

If you're seeing the ILS and not the airport, do you have the airport deselected (un-selected? Whatever. . .) in the map view? The row of buttons across the top of the map-- are any of them red?


Pro Member First Officer
michlin First Officer


This is what I mean. The second feather north of the runway.

Pro Member First Officer
Barge First Officer

It may just be a water runway for sea planes?

Pro Member First Officer
michlin First Officer

That's what I thought at first. However ATC offers no option for a water landing.

Pro Member First Officer
Paiute First Officer

That green feather is for an approach to a seaplane base. It is NOT a full ILS. It isa "localizer-DME" approach. Your autopilot will track the localizer, but you have to handle the descent manually.

I flew the approach and "winged" the glide slope. At the pointy end of the feather there is a small structure next to the water. The structure is painted with a red and white checkerboard pattern, so it looks like an air navigation building, which probably houses the electronics for the localizer and DME. The coast line is straight at that location, so that is more of an indication that it is a seaplane station--even though it does not appear to have a name (at least not in FS9). Wink

Pro Member First Officer
michlin First Officer


Thank you. I will have another look. Smile

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