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After getting the latest XP auto update on Sat,all was well except one of the updates would not install.
So off I whent to the main MS update page to see what I could do.........the update page would not load,giving me a error code.
So I searched the error code and found nothing related to my problem,but suggestions to check my PC with the Symantic on line virus and trojan checker.

So I did (let run overnight) and it found a trojan called "killAV" which tries to shut down your antivirus prog(it didnt,but its on my PC and its gotta go)

Now my A/V program updates daily as does the MS spyware prog so I dont know how I got it(and I run good updating if you dont run the progs)

But my point is...even if you are carefull,and I am,they can still get you

I would suggest you add the above link to your favorites folder and run it when you get time(its a long job)

Anyway I followed a link on how to rid myself of the nasty and it said to "disable System Restore and boot into safe mode,via msconfig"
DONT DO IT THAT WAY as my PC would not boot past the XP splash screen ,and just kept resetting

NEVER USE msconfig to set your PC to boot to safe mode...use the "F#" button(a lot of different combinations for different PCs..mine is F2) that way you do-not lock your PC on a dead cycle,you can allways boot normally

The only way I could stop that rebooting cycle was to reformat and reinstall

As I said I am careful and was up and running within the hour....but its still a pain in the Ass

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

Looks like your going to have to reinstall all those updates 😞

I actually need to reformat as well.

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horrgakx First Officer

One thing I've learned is that the new Microsoft Anti Spam doesn't capture all of them. I've tried a few products but the only one I found any good is WebRoot SpySweeper here It saw LOADS of stuff that the MS product didn't.

Rick Lee Guest

horrgakx wrote:

It saw LOADS of stuff that the MS product didn't.

If you're referring to the "FREE Trial" of Spy Sweeper - after seeing LOADS of stuff - did the software actually allow you to remove all that junk without registering and paying first?

I'd really like to know. If all the application does is scan your huge HDD in what seems like a nanosecond and finds about 782 critical issues and scares the pants off you, no thanks. Not if it won't let you remove the nasties after the scan. You find yourself with yet another hard-to-get-rid-off-app on your machine.

How does it work ❓

Thanks, Rick 🙂

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horrgakx First Officer

I know what you mean RL, I've seen software like that, it almost bullies you into buying it. However all my anti-spyware, anti-virus etc is registered software.

I always think it is a bad idea to constantly switch software, installing and removing stuff all the time.


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