Flight 1 ATR-72

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How the airplane. Is it good. Good details?? Realistic?? Also how many and what liveries come with it?? Thanks a lot

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I don't own it but here's a FAQ and link to the site. I only see Roll Out Colors and Delta Connection liveries in the screen shots but there are 19 repaints available for download.

What is the story behind ATR and Flight1 working together?

Early last year, Jean-Pierre Cousserans of ATR seeked the partnership of a leading designer of computer based aviation software in order to showcase the ATR 72-500. Flight1 was one of the groups contacted, and was ultimately selected to recreate the ATR 72-500. ATR had seen the worldwide growth of computer based simulation, and the popularity of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and saw the benefits of having the ATR represented.

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How close is the Flight1 ATR compared to the real thing?

We made multiple trips to the ATR factory in Toulouse, and worked closely with ATR staff throughout this project. ATR was quite enthusiastic in helping us with many of the technical details we needed. We believe the product is very close to the real aircraft in terms of system accuracy, visual, and flight modeling.

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Did ATR and/or ATR pilots participate in the beta testing?

Yes. Quite a few people from ATR were part of the beta testing. In fact, we had to get ATR approval before we could actually release the title. There were also multiple ATR pilots on the beta test staff.

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Can this product be used for flight training?

Neither Flight One Software or ATR approve of, or certify that, this product can be used for real-world flight training. This is an entertainment product only, and is not party to any training curriculum created or approved of by Flight One Software and ATR.

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Technical Information

What type of computer system is required?

This is an advanced product. We do provide many different configurations that are made available via our configurations tool, but at the lower end, we recommend you have a 1.6 GHz machine, with a 128 Mb memory video card. System memory should be a minimum of 512. On-board sound chips are NOT recommended. A plugin sound card, such as a Soundblaster Audigy, is recommended. Sounds in many cases will not work correctly unless you have an adequate plug-in sound card. Windows XP is the official operating system that is supported for use with the ATR. It may work with other Microsoft operating systems, however this is not supported by Flight One.

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Where can I get answers to more technical questions not in this FAQ?

We have a dedicated forum located at this site. Please read the FAQ's there. Feel free to ask questions there, and participate in various topics that may interest you. We will also be posting important product notices there, so please come browse the forum often!

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

I don't have it nor have flown it, but my friend has.

He says it is the best turbo-prop payware you will ever find.

Take that for what it is worth 😎

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

I have it. I love it! Very sweet aircraft.

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leadfoot First Officer

I have the ATR 42. It handles very well, good 300 kt. cruise, one problem though, It has the default 737 panel. Anyway I can get the right panel?

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

You a not writing about the Flight1 ATR 72-500 Lead foot. The Flight1 ATR has a great panel that is customizable.

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