Idiots Guide to setting up VOR Navigation ?

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Fire_Emblem_Master produced a great 8 point guide to setting ILS using the NAV Radio, and if you have trouble with this, check out his posting...

Now that I've mastered ILS using the NAV tool (Mastered - Yeah righ), I want to start navigating using VOR - VOR navigation, instead of always using Direct GPS navigation.

I tried entering a VOR frequency into the NAV Radio last night but when I selected Autopilot, the plane did not start flying in the direction of the VOR. The GPS/NAV selector switch was correctly set to NAV.

Can someone do a 5 point list on entering a VOR frequency and activating it....? ie, does it go into the NAV1 radio, or NAV2 ?

Thanks in advance,

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I'll give it a try. 🤔

1. Set the VOR frequency into NAV1 radio.

2. Listen to the ID on NAV1 to make sure you have the right station.

3. Set the desired radial into VOR1 or turn the dial for VOR1 until the needle is centered if you want to fly direct to the VOR.

4. Check that the NAV/GPS switch is in NAV.

5. Select NAV on the autopilot.

How about that. It came out to 5 steps.

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Thanks Arkydave, good job!

Thanks to your list, I now know I was failing to do Step 3 as you've detailed it below....

Another problemo bites the dust - just need to get outta work and get home so I can test it !

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Isn't it about lunch time where you are? Take a long lunch, and tell the boss I said it's okay. Group Wave

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I use VOR to VOR air routes all the time when I fly the airliners. They still did it that way as late as '99 at least over land. They use inertial nav over water, so I was surprised when the pilots told me on the way to San Diego from Dallas they were still using VOR nav in the states.

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Thanks for the recognition on that guide. hey, the guide for VOR is great too! Better than what i can tell,

1. select GPS on the NAV/GPS thing

2. in the autopilot, hit NAV.

3. go outside

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Ha ha ..... Don't worry Fire Emblem Master, that's my primary means of navigation.....

I have to say I love using the NAV1 Radio to tune up ILS Freqs and to use NDBs etc, but when it comes to point to point, the GPS is hard to resist....

I've made it more interesting by, instead of just dialling in a Direct destination, I dial in Airports that are en route to my destination, thus navigating a less "Straight Line" route to the destination Airport.

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leadfoot First Officer

Sometimes I will use the GPS direct to a VOR if its signal is weak or if it is a long way off--- 200 miles or more. Most of the high alt route VORs hav a useful range of 180 nautical miles, some of them you can't get a signal more than 50 nm. That's where GPS helps.

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