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I can not get a crack to work for my MSFS 2004. If i try to open with the normal Icon it will deny me and ask for disk 4. The crack is in the same file. If i click on the crack and gives an error saying its missing a file. but, the file is in there. so there is something wrong with my crack. any help would be appreciated. thanks much.

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If you put the new patch from MS on your sim the old crack may not work.
You don't click on the crack you click on the flight icon as normal.
Whichever you need, delete it and put in a new one, they can become corrupted like any other piece of code.

Let us know how you do.


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It sounds like your system is attempting to start the defauld fs9.exe file when you click on the Flight Sim icon. Try changing the name to something like oldfs9. Then rename the No CD crack exe file to fs9.

Also as RadarMan says your crack code could have become corrupted and you may have to reload the crackfile.

Best of luck with it as it really makes thing easier.

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