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Am having a problem with lockups. The sim will freeze and there is no way out except hitting the reset button on my computer. Was told it could be a heat problem. Tried taking off the side cover for more airflow ... still happens. Sometimes I can fly for hours with no lockup other times it happens every time I fly. Tried backing off the sliders. No fix.

System specs:
Win XP home
Geforce 6200TC
Athlon 64 3000+
512 memory
40 gig hd

Any ideas,

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When you take off the side of the case, point a deskfan at it. If it helps add some case and PCI fans.

When did you last defrag Windows, did you add SP2 or the MS patch 9.1, if so did you have this problem before.

If it happens in the same geographical area or the same weather then it's the MS bug.

What video card and drivers?

Let us know how you do.


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Thanks for your reply RadarMan,
I defrag at least two times a week. My OS was installed with SP2. The lockups started after I added the 9.1 patch so I suspected it was the culprit and deleted it. Lockups still occured. Reinstalled the patch. The lockups happen at different geographical areas and different weather. I went to the nVidia web site to look for the latest driver and couldn't figure out what to look for. Do you think my graphics card (GeForce 6200TC) could be the problem? How bout more ram?

What's weird is that the other night I took off from my home town airport (Santa Barbara) and flew all the way up to San Francisco stopping at several airports along the way. Flew around the bay area for about an hour and then flew back home to Santa Barbara. The whole round trip took about 5 hours with no lockups.

You mentioned the "MS bug". Is there a bug that could be causing the problem?

The only addons that I added are the Extreme Landscapes and USA Roads but the problem started happening before I installed them.

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Your card is rather old (as card go) and you might think about a new one, not the latest unless you have the $ for one.
Try rolling back your video drivers, go back one step. New drivers on an old card can cause problems.

Its an odd problem that you are experiencing, one of the other remedies should have fixed it.

The "bug" is for weather and some locations but if this is happening at different times and you have the patch that shouldn't be your problem.

If you are going to keep this machine for a few more years you might think about bringing the ram up to 1 gig.


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