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Did anyone else get this email? I just found it in my inbox.


Greetings from the Flight Simulator team:

Thank you for your interest in the Flight Simulator 2004 Survey Study. This email is simply to keep you updated on the status of the project and assure that your participation is still desired.

Due to the overwhelming interest in participating in this study, we had to roll this out to a limited number of people for a short period of time. We are in the process of installing more hardware to handle the incoming data from the rest of you who expressed interest in participating. Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks we will have everything installed and ready to go. At that time you can expect to get another email asking you to go ahead and download the files needed to record your data.

Again, thank you for your interest in participating in this study. Expect to hear from us again soon.

You can send any questions or comments to FS2004 Survey.

Thanks again for helping us make a better product for you.


The Flight Simulator Team.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Yes I got it aswell, I suppose we have been selected Dont Know

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RadarMan Chief Captain

👍 How cool, I filled it out but didn't get a letter.
Maybe in 2008. Dont Know


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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain


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tomthetank Chief Captain

Congrats on being picked 😀

Dont forget to tell them what we want Unsure just take your pick from the "what we want in 2006" thread 😉

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I would be willing to put that in a simple letter if you want. ❓

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

I got that letter too. I'll send them some of the "what we want in 2006". If anyone wants me to send them a different list that some one made up I will.

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