defect weather.dll

aeroduke88 Guest

Hey folks, I need you help!

I tried to install FS-X today, but my weather.dll file (located in "...\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\") is defect or incomplete?! Somhow the installation programm can´t copy it to the FS directory on the Hard-Disc. Well, I searched the net for the weather.dll file to download it, but wasn´t successful.

Can anyone send me this file (email) or upload it to rapidshare?

Location on Hard-Disc: ...\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\

my email:

I´m looking forward playing FS-X ^.^


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aeroduke88 Guest

Is there noone who can send me this file? Crying or Very sad



why don't you download the fsx demo and grab the weather.dll from there.


Thx for the return answer! To the question:
Because the Demo-Version is too big to download; just because I need a < 1mb file. I´m not going to download 600mb just for that small file. 🙂 That would be just ... unnecessary. Hope you understand 🙄

Can anyone send me that file - please!

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