Airliner pilot, I have it now Q's???

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Elkinallen First Officer

I got airliner pilot in the mail. I am installing it. Anyone have any Q's about it?!?! 😳

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Bartholomew First Officer


What are you talking about!?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

😳 He's talking about a new add-on for FS called Airliner Pilot, which simulates an Airline Pilot's career, with promotions, type ratings, salaries, etc.

ElkinAllen - I have it but I've not installed it as I didn't realise that you need to fly the (very basic) Dash 8 plane for a number of flights to get the captains seat, before you can use your own add-ons.

If you try to use a decent add-on, while still a First Officer, it will replace the add-ons panel with the Dash 8 First Officer pilot - regardless of the plane ! 😞

Some people will love it but for those who fly for a Virtual Airline it doesn't give much extra. Although some people will enjoy the SCORING element where you get scored on your flights.

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

I agree with GPS. If you are in a VA, there really isn't a need for that program.

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