Strobe Approach Lights - where did they go?

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When I was using FS4 many, many moons ago I recall that the standard runway approach lights were stroboscopic - and a lot brighter.

Doing the Malta - LHR standard flight in FS9 today, I found the runway 27L at EGLL virtually impossible to spot - the lights were so dim. Only the glideslope lights were bright, and none of the approach lights were lit or strobing.

I nearly landed on the A4 - though I think a few real-life pilots have nearly done that as well!

Are there any settings to make them brighter or make them strobe - or is there an add-on that does it?

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Many thanks for that pointer - I tried the lights environment one and it does produce nice strobes and much better halos, but unfortunately only at night.

It is the daytime bad weather minimums where the strobes assist locating the airport and centreline alignment - this is a feature that was in the earlier versions, but has clearly slipped the specs of recent releases - Oh well!

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I look at other forums also, don't tell my boss. 🙄
You'd be surprised how many flyers want to DULL the lights not brighten them
I would like them and the main runway beacon twice as bright as it is now.
I guess you and I are in the minority. Dont Know

This looks like a very nice program.


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