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The FS9 "Mooney" has strobe and recognition (flashing) lights, as those familiar with this a/c know. When is the appropriate time to use strobe and/or the flashing recognition lights. And I have not seen any other FS9 aircraft with recognition lights. It appears the Mooney is the only one?

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Strobes should be turned on when entering the active runway and off when exiting after landing. Always good to turn off in cloud as otherwise you will think you are in a nightclub due reflection!

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Thanks! I wasn't sure when to turn the strobes off or on. I can imagine what the cloud reflection may look like with those lights a flashin'. 😳

Are the recognition lights lit along with the strobes during flight?

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😳 Turn them off in cloud Read are you sure,I would have thought thats when you most needed them,be seen and be safe

I had never noticed the extra set of strobes before Doh!

So why have 2 sets ❓

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In real world flying, you definately turn them off in cloud. See and be seen does not apply when you are in IFR conditions and strobes in a cloud can induce vertigo and, in undiagnosed brain abnormalities, possibly seizures - not a real good thing if you are PIC.

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