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I am having a problem installing repaints for aircraft. Often with a repaint download, extra data has to be added to the aircrafts config file. So i copy and paste the extra data, under the next consecutive fltsim number as per the usual instructions. I then click to save the alteration, and then check the config file to make sure the info has been added.
But when I start Fs2004 to view the new repaint, Fs freezes at the start up page..I have to ctrl..alt..del to return to windows. I can now only start FS2004 by completely deleting the aircraft I was trying to repaint, and then downloading the aircraft again...just removing the extra data is not enough. Can anybody kindly help, or point me in the direction as to where I could get help? Thanks in advance..Stuart.

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Best to include in your next post, a print of the original cfg file and then your edited one - at least down the last fltsim.x number.

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Thanks "guest" for your reply. I have found the problem by hours of experimenting. When I open the config file to add info to it, I open it as a spreadsheet (its more familiar to me) and add the info using that format. So I tried opening the file using the word processor format. Hiring the wife to add the extra data(I rarely use word prcessor) and saving the alteration, FS loads up OK.
It was probably obvious to use W/ processor, but it caught me out.
Anyway, I`m happy again, and have learned something too!! Stuart.

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I have cut-and-pasted many additions to /cfg files. are you using cut and paste? [CTRL C] =copy [CTRL V] = paste? in some fonts 0's look like O's and l's look like 1's so that mistake is often made when people retype data. using [CTRL c] and [CTRL v] makes it easy and fast and accurate.

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This utility might help with the config files.

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Here's a very useful link. Don't be fooled by the plain looks of the page.

Regards, Rick

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