installing textures only (repaints)

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When installing textures only and/or repaints, especially of FS2004 default aircraft, you are asked to unzip the file and then copy and paste certain information into the aircraft.cfg file...

Please help!!!

Where do you unzip/extract the texture/repaint file into? FS9 or FS9/aircraft? or ????

And when that specific file is unzipped, in the readme part it asks to copy and paste certain text into the Aircraft.cfg file.... Which aircraft.cfg file do you paste the info into and does it matter what location you paste the information in? ie when a config file is open in notepad, at which line/position should one paste the new lines at? beginning of file, end of file etc???

Thank a mil for your help

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I hope that this answers your question.
If not feel free to ask.


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what windows program do u have? (i.e. Windows XP, Windows 98, etc.)

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