It's me with the attitude again ...

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I'm very sorry because I have posted a very similar topic about attitudes before. I kind of wasn't worried any more when you answered me, about not flying 747-400 properly, but then I paid attention to the same thing again.

I have seen a couple of movies recently in which you could see 747's from a side, flying in pretty much 0 degrees nose up pitch, but I can't fly in less then 4 in the simulator!!!
There's either something wrong with the movies, the FS, or me!

I live in a steep street and I can feel it when I walk up the hill. However, I'm pretty sure I never felt that in a real airplane (although I've never flown with a 747).

Any answer appreciated!

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I'm not too sure about your question. If you mean how do you maintain 0 degrees pitch up attitude whilst cruising, the answer is you don't. You will have about 1-3 degrees of pitch up attitude which is barely noticeable at that speed. This depends on the amount of fuel as it adds weight so the pitch up attitude is going to be higher which occurs in the sim, but wouldn't happen as much in real life as they step climb.

If you are asking about whether you feel in on an airplane, the answer is no because it is too insignificant a gradient that you simply cannot feel it. If you placed a marble on the floor it would slowly roll down towards the end of the plane but not very fast.

Hope that helps 😉

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Depending on the weight of the aircraft, and the altitude you're trying to fly at, pitch attitude will vary from 1-5 degrees.

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