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I have finally planned and started my second video project. I just wanted to know if there was a program life fraps but better and which records gameplay at its exact fps rate. Fraps slows down the fps rate when recording, and this is really annoying me. Thanks to anyone who helps.

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twistedsucker wrote:

I have finally planned and started my second video project. I just wanted to know if there was a program life fraps but better and which records gameplay at its exact fps rate. Fraps slows down the fps rate when recording, and this is really annoying me. Thanks to anyone who helps.

Are you using the demo or payware copy of fraps? The latest payware version does a smoother job than the demo, however, any program you run concurrently with FS9 will cause reduced frames.

With 512MB of RAM and your current gfx card, the best thing you can do is to upgrade hardware for better video recording performance, I'm afraid. I would suggest upgrading as follows: Graphics card first, add another 512MB RAM next, upgrade software last.


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Thanks for the suggestion. But right now, I do not have enough money to buy any hardware. I don't even have a part time job yet. I cannot buy any hardware right now, but when I can in a year or two, I will follow your recommendations and suggestions. Right now, I'll do anything for better fps rate. I have payware version right now. My kind old friend allowed me to use it. But it still slows down the fps rate of the game.

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If you want help tweaking your current setup for best performance I'd be happy to do so. One thing you have to keep in mind is that performance tweaking FS9 for fraps is very very much different than tweaking for screen shots (SS). For screenies you can pause your flight, edit your display settings and graphics card quality settings so that you get nearly -zilch- FPS, then snap your shot and revert back until the next SS. For vids, you have to have smooth enough frames for animation during the capture, or the output will stutter and be very unpleasant to watch. Thus you have to set up differently. Also, there are certain things that look bad in SS that you wouldn't be able to notice in a vid, so understanding where you can cut back setting will allow you to set your display and gfx card for smooth frames and less display detail that wouldn't show up in your final movie anyway.

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Yes please, I would like help on tweaking the settings to increase performance. Are there any things I can change that will increase the fps, but then still not very dramatically change the detail of the graphics. If there is, then please tell me about it.

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I would take SoCalRicks advise but also try this it did not work on my computer 😕

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Thanks for the link, but it doesn't work 😞

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Sorry to take so long getting back with this, but other things cropped up. Hope this helps anyone trying to improve frame rates for videos!

While you're recording it will seem as though there is a change for the worse in graphics but when you view the finished video you'll see it looks just fine. That is just the nature of the beast, and it takes a monster machine and $500 video card to make a movie demonstrably better than average. So, let's talk about making a vid with at least better than average frames, because no matter how cool the scenery and aircraft look in the movie, if it stutters then folks won't watch it all the way through.

I'd like to say that one setting fits all, but that isn't the case. Optimize your settings depending on your hardware, software add-ons used, and most importantly where you are in the video (believe it or not this makes a difference as you'll see in my notes to the right of the settings below). Since you will record in short segments of like 15-30 seconds, this isn't a problem, just make changes to settings during transistions.

Terrain mesh complexity: 25 at airport/50-100 in flight over mountains
Terrain testure size: Low if low (unless looking AT the ground)/high when flying high
Terrain detail: Land only (always)
Water effects: None except when over water then set high
Dawn/dusk texture blending: Uncheck
Extended terrain textures: Uncheck (always)
Special effects detail: High
Scenery complexity: Dense
Autogen density: Dense at low alt/none at high alt (but increase Terrain texture size)
Add-on dynamic scenery: Uncheck (check if using FPS-friendly add-on scenery)
Ground scenery casts shadows: Check
Sun glare: Check
Lens flare: Check

Global aircraft quality: Minimal
(Note: Smaller "GA" aircraft are more frame rate friendly)

Global weather quality: High
Cloud detail: Detailed clouds
Cloud coverage density: Low

Target frame rate: 20
Available display resolutions: 800x600 (yep, but just for videos)
Hardware rendering options...
Render to texture: Uncheck
Transform and lighting: Check
Anti-aliasing UNCHECK (use your gfx card anti-aliasing)
Filtering: Trilinear
MIP mapping quality: 4-5
Hardware rendered lights: 6
Global max texture size: Medium

Fraps software:
The latest payware is more stutter-free than the demo
Disable the "Save frame rate to file each second" option for sure!
Use "Full-Size" recording for better frame rates (half-size may cause stutters)
Record at 20 FPS
Before pressing F10 to record, pause 15 secs to make sure screen is fully drawn

Make sure that FS9 is in full-screen mode
Match resolution in Windows and FS9 for 1 FPS improvement
Lower traffic for better frames
Run in clear weather if necessary for best frame rates

Be sure that FS9 and Fraps are the only progs running, plus close most System Tray apps
Cold boot before starting FS9 and Fraps to clean out memory
Defrag if you haven't lately
If frames still need help then disable internet, antivirus, screensaver, wallpaper, etc.

Try the above as a baseline for recording videos and adjust from there according to your results.


Edit: Just thought of something else that is universal: Rename or delete your default.xml file for a big frame rate boost in populated areas. You won't miss it but you'll love the increase in FPS. This file is only responsible for some things you'd have to be flying extremely low to see (such as the chicken-on-a-stick and some signage) and what's the benefit to having corny default stuff in your video or elsewhere? Rename the extension to .xmlBAK and it won't slow down your frames any more! If you miss the chicken and fish stands you can always change the name back (but you won't once you see the gain).

File location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Autogen\default.xml

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