Try Fraps for jpeg movies

Sandman65 Guest

This is a cool program, I used it to make a movie in AVI format in Medal of Honor game.
You start the exe program, and then it will be a icon in your taskbar.
During play you press F9, then it starts recording exactly what you are doing in the game. BUT!! You have to have at least 256mb ram, or it will lag, BUT!! Even when it lags, Long as you can control the plane, after recording it doesn't record the lag.
Then use a movie editing program to change format from avi to mpeg.
It also has a button to reord with or with out sound.
You can make a awesome intro to a web site.
Check out the site, it has samples

Nice program

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

Yes, fraps is a great peice of software for capturing FS videos. Also well known - thanks for the link! 🙂

Sandman65 Guest

Your welcome
I haven't received my fs2004 yet but when i do i will post a movie on my web site .
I'm new at web sites, and just started it last night.

It will give you a laugh, LOL 😂
Is there a download site for new planes that you recommend?

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