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What Virtual Airline would you recommend. I don't want to have to pay any money for it, and I'm not sure how they work. Maybe just a simple one with few demands and just enough options to learn with.


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I would recommend as they are the biggest I know and most professional but look in the VA forum further down the forum list, and I believe Flyaway suggested a lot in the first or second post 😉

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I'd recommend you CPA Virtual. That's my VA. It has sooo many airlines to fly for.

Remember that when you join one airlines, you can still fly with the others without signing up again! 😉

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atreyu Captain

is there an alaska one? or horizon?

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Pro-Sim First Officer

I agree with 999jolegg - I fly with Delta VA, and they give the greatest flexibility.....

I don't like their forums - they are very stuffy and it takes years for a new pilot to be "accepted"...

however this apart, their "Pilot Centre" is awesome, with Flight Plans, every Chart you'd ever need, Daily North Atlantic Tracks, etc, etc...

And great way of logging your flights !


Alex.G. Guest

I would recomend my virtual Airlines 😎
Skyservice Virtual Airlines

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Jared Captain

well if you are looking for horizon or alaska and a lot of other big airlines try

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lds_soldier First Officer

Thanks Jake, I'd love to fly Alaska, mainly because that's what runs up here in Alaska (go figure huh?).

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