F1 Cessna Skyhawk flight dynamics

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I am getting the flight 1 cessna 172R. so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Stable and spinnable flight dynamics. thanks.

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In real life you can not spin a 172R, they are spin proof. They just won't go into a spin.(stable) But if you want to be able to spin the airplane then get spinnable. All the newer moldes are spin proof.

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spinproof to me does not sound like an advancement. I can think of nothing more thrilling than a full powered spin, getting up to 5000ft hitting full throttle nosing up the aircraft and just at the point of stall kicking the rudder.
That feeling as your stomach feels like it has gone into you head and seeing a screen full of spinning ground is great.

Fair enough you might not want to do this in a cessna, but I have done it in chipmunks, a bulldog and a grob powered glider.
Last year with work I got to do it in Brian lecomber's extra 300 (twin seater) and oh my god I could not beleive that aircraft. I'm sure I would have killed myself in that if i hadn't been with an aerobatics expert, absolutely fantastic.

spinning rules!!

don't even get me started on stall turns or tail slides!!

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