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Hello, I have 2 questions,
1. When I went in to land my P-3C and I was in good position autopilot was off I was at 300FT then all of the sudden My Orion Went crazy it swayed to the left and to the right and I couldnt keep it on the runway Mad
what is going on do anyof you know?

2. I just got my new ATI 800XL card in with the power supply and everything, but when I went to connect to my Sims multiplayer nothing showed up, Now I have flown on this server 1,000,000,000,000,000 of times and nothing upsetting happend but when I was doing a mission for my USVAF ( and we were taking off all of the sudden I lost connection ! alright Ill just get back on! well that didnt happen and I still cant connect today grr. My teamspeak works, everyone doing the mission was still flying and my internet explorer still worked 😕
any ideas on whats happening?

-Nick 😀

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Any help?

Just load SP2?;en-us;823630

Orion, check and see if your fuel load is balanced.


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Nick (-Jester-) First Officer

Thanks Radar your a lot of help! 😀

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