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i was wondering if someone could tell me the keys to turn the aircraft left or right during a pushback on fs2004

thanks in advance

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Jared Captain

well u hit SHIFT-P then right after that you hit either 1 or 2. if u hit 1 your tail swings left and if u hit 2 your tail swings right

Studentpilot Guest

yes, i have tried that but i can only get the shift+p to work, not the 1 or 2, any other suggestions?

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tomthetank Chief Captain

You have to be quick with the 1 or 2
Shift + P then 1 or 2 straight away

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Jared Captain

also it wont turn you right away. sometimes it wil push you back far and then turn.

Studentpilot Guest

thanks, i can do an actual pushback now 🙂

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W3CPR First Officer

Hi... Getting the PMDG 737-800/900 to push back is simple now that I have read some of the posts, however, where do you tell the aircraft how far back and how many degrees left or right?

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