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hey guys just wandering if there is any downloads for a or the pushback vehicle that u can drive and pushback other aircraft 🙂

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Cool thanks heaps 😀
but i have already downloaded the that vehicle on this website but havent worked out how to push the aircraft back. if you could tell me then i would be happy also what aircraft can i push back and should i download the panel on simviation.

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It's simple, this is from the Readme file:

There is 2 different towing bar avalaible with lights keys
>the front bar is used for pushback, use the PANEL LIGHT key to connect it to the tractor (on my FlightSim it's "SHIFT+L").
>the back bar is used to tow aircraft (to hangar), use the LANDING LIGHT key to connect it to the tractor (on my FlightSim it's "CTRL+L").

I couldn't have explained it any better myself.

Whether or not you want the panel is up to you. You don't need it, but it might be a nice addition.

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i Have read the readme file and i can connect the two bars but i cant connect to the aircraft any ideas??

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