AVC Tuner Release

Russell Hubber Guest

It is with great pleasure that Simulation Hardware announces the release
of our AVC Tuner.
What is AVC Tuner?

AVC Tuner has been approved for use on the
Vatsim network by the VATSIM board of governors.

The AVC Tuner monitors the VATSIM network and the pilots COM radio.

When the COM radio of the plane you are flying is:

A) Tuned to the frequency of an online controller
B) Within radio range of that controller

Then AVC Tuner will automatically move you voice program (AVC) to that
controllers voice channel. It will also provide audible feedback to
indicate that a controller was found and tuned to.

AVC Tuner will monitor the Vatsim network and update the list of
controllers ever few minutes.

It will also tell you if the controller you are tuned to disconnects.

What this means to the pilots is that you no longer have to use squawk
box to change to a different controllers.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! AVC Tuner is free!

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