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Being that my pilot in FsPassengers is starting to be able to fly larger aircraft, I need to get some of the manuals for these planes.

Here's what I'm looking for, ANY help whatsoever, even if you know only like the V speeds/approach speeds, would be greatly appreciated.

1. Beechcraft 1900d
2. ATR-72
3. Dash 8-300
4. Airbus A-320
5. Cessna Citation X
6. Airbus A-300/319//321/330/340
7. MD-11
8. MD-83
9. Dash 6
10. Embraer 170
11. ERJ-135/45
12. Shorts 360
13. SAAB 340
14. BAE-RJ85
15. DC-10
16. L1011-500
17. MD-90

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks TONS mypilot, I needed those!

RM, preciate the links as well!

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