Garmin GPS 500 Manuals

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Has anyone downloaded the actual Garmin GPS 500 manuals for the purpose of learning how to program the "500" and use in FS9?

I found the Garmin GPS 500 manuals (.PDF) at Garmin: GPS 500 Manuals

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I imagine that it could be useful, but I have used the 500 when I was getting my instrument rating in a 172.

The best thing to do is play with it and see what all it has. There are some "imbedded" things that few people know about.

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Thanks for the link up to now I just knew of this one.
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You are welcome. 🙂


I will (eventually) go through the manual to determine how much funtionality FS9's virtual Garmin GPS 500 really has. I have to believe there will be some limitations compared to a real unit.

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