Tailstrike - I didn't do it!!

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I was flying the Posky a340 Lufthansa, from Frankfurt/Main to Hong Kong. I took off, and began climbing and everything was going nicely. When I was comfortable enough, I switched to spot plane to take a look at the bird, and saw red sparks flying out the rear end of the plane. However, when I looked at the replay, there was no tail strike whatsoever. I went according to the manual - at Vr, rotate to 8 degrees, and when positive rate of climb established, raise to about 12.5 degrees. Could this be an error from Posky. I guess I could just remove the sparks effect that I installed, (came with the download), but I just wanted to make sure - has this happened to anyone before.

PS: This happened to me a long time ago while flying the posky b747. When I posted my complaints, I was told to fly with just enough fuel to take off, and try that. When I did, it worked, but they said that would be the only time I would get a successful takeoff.

Thank you

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All you do is remove the sparks from the POSKY effects files.

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