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I just got a new hardrive. Alot of stuff deleted. Just re-installed Flight sim. All my aircraft. Including default and payware such as LDS763. All of them, are flashing. Almost like when flying at night. And when lightning goes u can see you a/c light up. This is constantly happening. During the day night and such.

Any help? Surprised

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Use the driver cleaner and reinstall new drivers.
It sounds like the ones you have now are corrupted.

If this doesn't work give us your system specs.



Here r my specs.

Windows XP.
Pentium4 CPU 1400MHz
1.40GHz, 256MB of RAM
9250 Radeon video card.

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The drivers didn't work, I was sure that they would, shame.

XP needs 128mb of ram to operate, that leaves you with 128mb for the programs that run in the background and for flying.
You should have 512mb at the minimum, many here have 1 gig or more.

Your video card is also getting old and the CPU isn't as powerful as it should be.

The most important thing for you would be to get more memory.

Try this program, it'll shut down programs that run in the background and free up some of that memory that you badly need.
Also shut off water, shadows and textures in settings. Turn down clouds and traffic as low as you can, keep all others at default or less.
Let us know how you do.
After your next post in this thread look for this in the General Forum, I'll move it there so more members can see it and possibly help.


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