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i have changed a few flightplans with aircraft that are in flightsim
but schiphol is now real slow. the view is realy slow when i change it to
outside view to look at the aircraft the planes are gone and then appear again i don`t understand this at all .
it takes a long time to chance from tower, cockpit ,and outside view,
i already changed the settings to sparse but that is not working at all
if got NL2000 schiphol,and i use ultimate traffic 2004
my system is AMD64 3000,ATI 9200 256,1gig memory, that is realy a powerfull system for Fs2004
i defragmented also the system but is this is not working
can anyone help me with this problem 😞

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You have a good system, I too have Ultimate Traffic and have it set to 100% in the sims settings.
If you changed the flight plans of "UT" then that could be the problem. Run an update or reinstall it.

If you like you can download (buy) the latest schedule.

Here is their home page and they have a forum where many are very well informed and willing to help, you might want to read the forum or ask about your problem there.
Good luck with it.


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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

what do you mean changed a few flight plans with your AI traffic you can do that and what exactly do you mean

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