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My question is, is Jeppesen actually that accurate? On Monday I thought it might be interesting to take a flight out of Gulfport Intl to Miami, to try and ride the hurricane. I downloaded the current weather, and all i got was a measely wind speed of 35knots, i was expecting a hell of a lot more. So is Jeppesen actually that good? Or did the hurricane just play merry hell with the weather stations?



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I don't happen to think it is very accurate at all. I have used it around my home airport when it has been raining and windy and the weather in FS has been fine and sunny Dont Know

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If you consider that I've flown in the areas of 2 hurricanes, this summer and in both cases, the weather was sunny with a few clouds in FS, you'l see what I think of its accuracy. Horse ROFL

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in light of its total inaccuracy then, is there a plugin that offers ever so slightly more realistic weather?

Im mean, taking off from Gulport Intl i was expecting to get some crazy turbulence, and have screaming passengers (FSPassenger addon), but no, just a hint of turbulence as i passed through some low broken cloud. Oh well.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

Try active sky 2005 for realistic weather

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At the time that you flew out of Gulfport, MS the Jepp weather may have been the best they could give you. At least six doppler radars and other weather stations were knocked out of service by the hurricane. So there was a large hole in the weather coverage that NOAA could provide-- and Gulfport was in that hole.

Also, in a hurricane the winds and rain come in "bands" separated by much better temporary weather. When the weather is sort of sunny with lighter winds you may be between two of the bands of rough weather. 🙄

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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

Ranald, Do you have a link for active sky 2005?

Also in my home town of Edinburgh (scotland,uk) we have quite a bit of bad weather and all that is shown is just (again) a few clouds and the sun.

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