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Any one from UK now where I can find terminal maps for Birmingham airport (BHX/EGBB)?


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Try ?

Go to "London ACC" (bottom) and click "Birmingham" on top. Lots of info it seemed to me.

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Go to click on Arial photo, you can zoom in or out.



Thanks guys just tried them out both excellent pictures but neither showing inside terminal maps. 😞

Thanks for trying though 😛


Hi guys
Thanks again for your help.

Asked the same question on a different forum and a member gave me a link to birmingham airport website virtual tour section.

Thanks again for your help

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You probably didn't look through the whole VAT UK site. I found a low-quality map with Birmingham's runways, taxiways and some gates in the "open" section (go to downloads) and there is a subscribe-only (free) section, which (seems to) have map packages. Dig a little deeper, see what you can find.


Yea thanks just found that I think you mean the aerial of the stands/gates with red crosses on the A/C?

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No, I mean a collective map of the London ACC airports, that shows some taxiways. And there is the subscriber's area too of course with the information package.

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