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OK, i'm sure many of you know about the FS9 configurator but I'm sure others don't.Well for those who don't I truly recomend it.

So here's what it has to offer [file description from avsim]

FS9 Configurator is a tool for users of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This tool gives the user access to many of the configuration files located within Flight Simulator. These include system, scenery, aircraft, saved flights, and graphics. The user can search, add, delete, or edit settings, plus maintain comments about each setting. FS9 Configurator also provides tools for changing aspects about Flight Simulator. The tools include Setting Contrail lengths, removing the Brake message, and (most importantly) setting the AI Taxi Speed! See for more information.


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Thanks a lot JVD 👍 .Im on download.

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