oakland [koak] addon? anything out there? what's the best?

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i've got FlyTampas San Diego and KSFO, and i'd like to get Oakland in there as well.

i know FlyTampa doesn't make it, but is there anything else out there? i'd like to just find a stand-alone OAK, and not get something like the Nor-Cal scenery. i don't want to revamp the whole area, i just want an accurate OAK.


i'd prefer payware, but i'll check out freeware/shareware if it's really good.


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There are a few non Calif. Oakland so sift through these.


This does look nice.

I don't know of any pay-ware for just the airport. You can use "Runway12" to add objects on your own, it's free also.


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thanks for the reply. i've seen some of that stuff, but never tried it out.

i'll take a peek, or just sit patiently and wait for a solid payware package. or if i can't take it, i'll break down and do the whole bay area scenery thing.

thanks again for the info.


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