Landing on Aircraft Carrier

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Is it possible ot land on a Aircraft Carrier on FS 2004. If so How???

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WarHawk42 Captain

I don't think there is any way you could land a jet fighter for instance on a carrier, you would need the arresting hook and all that, but I think you can land a light plane on a carrier. I'm not sure if there is enough deck to take off again.

Maybe a touch and go.

Rick Lee Guest

Hi folks,

there are some nice carriers available:

I think I've seen a couple of new ones at avsim and/or flightsim as well.
They're there - if you want them, you'll get them 🙂

Regards, Rick

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

hey,you can if you buy the FLIGHT DECK addon.It gives you missions(for landing,taxeeing and taking-off)on a carrier. It also gives you a av-hbII harrier(vtol),a F-14 tomcat,a s-3 a viking,a f/a-18 hornet,e-2c hawkeye and ach-46 sea knight. If you want to land other planes with this addon,just start a mission and press alt/options/aircraft/change plane and change to the plane you want to use.

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Alex (Littleal100) Trainee

k. I will try it.. 😂 😎

crash 258 Guest

i have the aircraft carriers but i dont know how to take off cos there is so little runway 😞 how can i hook up the plane?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Since you're not willing to reveal which carriers you have, you 'd better do some reading 😛

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Welshflyer Captain

Oooohhhhh you are a hard task master TailHook 😀 !

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Mighty nice to hear from you Welshflyer 🍻

Now the bad news: You have been put on notice. One more of those lengthy periods of AWOL and you'll end up in the brig!!

Welshflyer wrote:

Oooohhhhh you are a hard task master TailHook 😀 !

Well, I have finally admitted to myself that neither my navigational nor my piloting skills will get me into the history books... so i have taken it upon me to enter the history books as the one who saved the Western world from total illiteracy and a population of zombie-like idiots.
Since the politicians now only have two items on their agendas i.e. arms deals and oil grabs I figure just like Superman I'll come to the rescue and remind the butter-brains who rule the world that literacy leads to prosperity, health and happiness - not greed.

So, there you have it, someone's gotta do the dirty work and I volunteer... if this selfless action of mine will not reward me with a place in history, nothing will.
At the very least I deserve Hero status Ha Ha

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