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Hi folks,

I'm in real trouble and would appreciate any help you might extend. Installed an AMD Athlon 64 today. Brandnew boxed, onto brandnew A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo.
Fitting the CPU in it's socket went as smooth as cutting cream. Installing the heatsink and fan is a different affair all together. I tried for four hours, with and without screwdriver, almost dislocated my shoulder in the process and decided I couldn't afford to break the mobo or the heat sink so I gave up in disgust.
Yes, I did read the manual, was very careful and took my time. So what's the problem?
The retention bracket and the retention bracket lock seem to differ on the Athlon 64s compared to previous versions. I'm unable to fit the retention bracket the way it's meant to be and consequently unable to turn the lock into it's proper position.
I'm at the end of my wits and honestly I haven't felt so much stress - with the exception of the time when I did a barrel roll in a 707 under the Golden Gate Bridge.
If my problem sounds familiar to you, or if indeed you have managed to install an Athlon 64 successfully, or if you've heard of someone who knows someone who might be able to help me, please let me know.
I better go and find my Prozac.
Fear Wall Bashing Whip Help!
Regards, Rick

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Hi Rick,

If you could post the link to the heatsink, processor and mobo (motherboard) I'll have a look and see what the problem is.

Rick Lee Guest

Thanks Liono,

CPU ➡,,30_118_9485_9487,00.html

Motherboard ➡

Ps: The CPU, heat sink and fan come boxed. The fan and heatsink are already assembled with the aid of a thermal pad so this is not a problem.

Thanks for looking into this - Firefox Rocks !

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Everythink looks fine with the mobo and cpu I would like the link for the fan and heatsink please.

Sorry for not getting back sooner I'm at work at the moment so the next reply should be around 1800hrs GMT time?

No problem

Rick Lee Guest

Don't worry about the time, Liono we're all in a time warp one way ore another just at different ends. At 1800GMT I'll probably be still asleep.

The fan and the heat sink: I don't think there are links because they are part of the package, hence the boxed deal/version. Actually AMD calls it PIB - Processor-In-a-Box. The following is what's written on the box:

This box contains: AMD Athlon 64 processor, heatsink/fan, bezel sticker, installation guide, Certificate of Authenticity and three-year limited warranty information. And so on...

The installation guide is not very good - no text only illustrations numbered from 1 to 8 unclear and confusing. IKEA does a much better job.
I'm signing off, starting to look like a frog. Thanks for your help - maybe there is a solution to this ridicolous problem somewhere.

Thanks, Rick

Rick Lee Guest

Terribly sorry, I just found this re: AMD Processor-In-a-Box,,30_118_11120,00.html

Hack Sleep

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The heatsink and cooling are stock which in my personla opinon are rubbish the best bet is get a new heatsink and cooling fan which will help the cpu.

Have a look at PC hardware sites you will be able to find a descent one quite cheap. MAKE SURE THE FAN IS 939 SOCKET CAPATIABLE

Rick Lee Guest

Thanks Liono,

Heatsink and fan are stock that's right. If they're no good then my logic tells me the reason would be insufficient cooling - I may be wrong. I've read in many posts that insufficient cooling can be rectified by adding fans. I might just have enough fans in my enclosure, I'll try anyway.
I finally managed to secure the heatsink using the retention bracket as required except for the bracket lock.
If I try to twist or turn that in any direction, I'll break it. As it is, the heatsink is secure and nothing is loose or moving in any way. So, before I make any major changes I might as well see if it works. If I manage to get the rest of the rig assembled and up and running, I'll be jumping out of my skin and I'll make sure you'll hear of it.

Thanks for your support and effort Liono, it's very comforting to know that someone listens and tries to help when your stuck and lost for ideas the way I was yesterday.

Best regards, Rick 🍻

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Insight Chief Captain

Hi Rick

I have that very same mobo.. the Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe.

I used the heatsink and fan that came with my AMD 64 3800+ x2 processor and while it is tough for it to go on (you feel like you're gonna break it) it fitted just fine in the end.

If you need them I can see if I can get some close up pictures of how the bracket looks when fitted, this may give you some idea of which way you have to twist / push things.

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Thanks Insight,

I did eventually get the retention bracket to fit the way it is supposed to,
however regarding the actual bracket lock, I'm still not 100% sure as I mentioned a bit further up in this thread.
Having said that, even the bracket lock doesn't wiggle or wobble in any way so I'm hoping it's all right.
If you can get me a close up then one of the position of the bracket lock would suffice. Thanks for the offer, much oblige!

BTW: Do you SLI or don't you??



Stock heatsinks are terrible and loud- Zalman makes exelent coolers with large fans (So they are quieter) that are nicer than stock and work better.

My model had me remove the retention module and place a plate on the bottom where there used to be one for the stock retention. Then I used two thumbscrews to connect the heatsynch to the plate. Easy, and gets better airflow than stock. (If none of that made sense- it is elf explanatory and easy)

My model is $32 at newegg

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