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microsoft flight sim 2004 low frame rate on runways ONLY??


Hi All, Ok this problem is slowly doing my head in!
Im running-Windows XP pro on- 3.2 Athlon, Gigabyte 400 board, 512meg 3200 ddr ram, 256 meg ATI X800 xt card, 180gig drive.

Loaded up flight sim last week and have been plagued with this problem, My pc runs this game lovely in the air only!! As soon as i try to taxi on the runway she crawls down to a very very slow frame rate?!? iv had the new 9.1 update and it has made no changes. have got new dierctx9.0c plus all up to date drivers, I dont have any problems running any other games they all seem to run fine.

Any ideas Anyone??

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you could probably do with another 512mb of RAM at least if the ram is dual channel get the same dimm and it will be quicker too (make sure you read your mobo instructions on which socket it should go in for the dual channel stuff)

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Airports are graphic intensive but with your rig (and as he said) more ram you should be getting good numbers.

Sim Settings: Shut off your water, shadows and textures. Lower your clouds as much as possible the same with traffic. Keep your scenery and autogen at the mid-line or a little more, not maxed out and see how it works.

Let us know how you do.



Thanks Guys, Yeh i thought maybe it might be a ram prob but what steered me away from that was that i dont have any slow game play on any other games and when i put all shaddows/water/sound etc down to the lowest the fps doesnt shift from 1 frame every 2-3 secs, as i say its strange cos as soon as my wheels leave the tarmac im off! right back to normal gameplay.


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its probably got to do with rendering your aircraft in contact with the ground.. maybe there is some additional maths it doesnt have to do..

my old machine (p4 2.3ghz 1gb ram 9800 pro) did ok so all I can think of is the ram really


cheers for ur help guys will slap a couple sticks of ram in and c how her goes.

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