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❓ Hello
This is my first post in this forum having just joined.
I have a small problem with the PBY5 [Catalina] -rdafpby5 which I have downloaded.Seems I am unable to lower the water rudder using the keys
shift + w so can't steer the a/c , also no flap extension using F7 or F8 &
no wing float ext/ret. using shift + H or +G,otherwise flys ok.
Could you possibly let me know if I am making a mistake or I have some
other problem.

My comp. specs are:
P4-3.4 / 1GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 6200TC /
250GB H/D

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Welcome aboard.
You seem to be doing everything right

It could be the aircraft, have you tried other water craft.

Here are a few, no I haven't tried them yet. 2nd from bottom, don't foget the upgrade.

This was pay-ware.

Nice computer.


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