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Hello all.

As you may know there is a program that allows you to create scenery where ever you want in FS2004 called RWY12 Object Placer. It is freeware and you can find it at by typing in the file library, RWY12 Object Placer. You will find it on the second page. You will also have to download 3 other files that there UNDERNEATH the actual program download. However it says that i cannot work it properly without 3 other programs, - FSUPIC Ver 3.47, Microsoft's MSXML4 and Microsoft's Dotnetfx NET framework. I cannot find any links to these downloads so i was wondering if anyone knew any links for these downloads.

Thanks alot

P.S - Does anyone know how much space this will all take up on my computer?

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

For Fsuipc -
For the other 2 - goto MS download page and key files you want into the Search engine
Do you have Google on your machine as most people do - type any file names you want into search and you will be spoilt for choice.!!
Hope this helps

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